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Clean the Air in 7 ways! 

Now You Can Breathe!

7 Stage Air Purification Systems:

The 7N1Series:

With 7 Stages of Air Purification! 

 The Most Complete PortableAir Purification Systemfor Home& Office!

7 Filters in one machine! 

Filters Physical Pollution

Such as: Pollen, Dust, PM2.5, Smoke

Resolves Chemical Pollution

Such as: Formaldehyde, Benzene, Toluene, TVOC

Kills Biological Contamination

Such as: Bacteria, Germs, Mold, Fungus, mites

Seven Stages of Air Purification:

1- Primary Washable Filter
Filters large particles.

2- Cold Catalyst Filter
Catalyzes formaldehyde, Benzene, TVOC

3- Cellular-Activated Carbon Filter
Rapid absorption of odours, decomposition of Formaldehyde, Benzene, Ammonia, Smoke, etc.

4- Anti-Bacterial filter
Removes fine particles, Mites, Microbes, Bacteria

5- High Efficiency HEPA Filter
Eliminates Mold, Dust, Allergens and Bacteria

6- Ultraviolet Sterilize Light
Kills Viruses and Bacteria

7- Anion (Negative ION) Purification
Improves air quality by attaching to floating particles in the air


To contact us directly, please call: 1-514-337-8181
Monday to Friday between 9 am to 5 pm (EST)
We are located at:

House of SEMI / Maison des SEMI
4190 Thimens
Ville Saint-Laurent (Montreal)
QC. H4R 2B9 Canada
You can email us by filling this form or directly at:

House of SEMI
4190 Thimens Blvd. 
St Laurent, QC. H4R 2B9

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Shop in Canadian dollar!

Shop in Canadian dollar!